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Octahedral molecular geometric crystal lattice  optical laser field spectra photon vortex push piezoelectric flow through metal to charge capacitors and batteries



Shelter & Farming

Priority one: WATER! https://howtodrillawell.com/
Silver Springs NV
Silver Springs, Nevada is an EPCOT (environmental prototype city of tomorrow) in the desert an experiential experiment into ergonomic homes.

Shasta optimizedMount Shasta, CaliforniaCrystal River clipCrystal River, FloridaEvergladesEverglades, Florida

Historical novels are great, I caught a documentary on tv: "The Swamp, history of the Florida Everglades"
I was born and raised in South Florida. They introduced me to an author: Marjory Stoneman Douglas who started the environmental protection movement with her book The Everglades: River of Grass.