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                      Grassroots Electric Vehicles                     

Las Vegas, Nv. Grassroots Electric Vehicles Consultation.
Home of "The Medicine Ball 7 Mile Rally"
held annually the 7th hour on the 7th day of the 7th moon 
"Man's transition from gas and diesel to electric transportation will be like man's transition from chamber pots to toilets."
Yul Noah

For information call: 702-277-7544 

This animation shows what it takes to power gas and diesel vehicles in comparison to our electric vehicles.
Please share far and wide and to your Congress People.




Quantum batteries have completely different principles. Unlike lithiion batteries’ chemical reactions inside the cell. Quantum batteries work on Quantum Mechanics principles’ lasered photons excited vortex within a crystal nano-structured matrix state of matter emitting electrical energy drawn from an entangled source. In this state, the device will provide power for as long as the remote source is charging.